About Custom Pedal Boards…

Hand Made Custom Pedal Boards – It’s what we do!

We’re passionate about pedal boards.

Whether it’s power supplies, patch or instrument cables, flight cases or boards, we build pro tour gear at affordable prices.

Pedal boards and rigs are instruments in their own right these days and are as personal as your guitars; no two are the same and we are here to listen to you and to deliver a custom pedal board solution that fits your budget, your music and your playing needs.

There are so many misperceptions about true bypass, pedal order, buffering and power but we will work with you to provide a comprehensive plan that eliminates noise, creates intuitive and comfortable layouts, future proofing adaptability (we all like to swap pedals!) with safety of travel and ease of ‘load in, load out’. We will listen to you and walk you through the various options and associated costs.

We can supply the components for you to self-build or we can deliver a complete solution including custom design, cabling, pedal mounting, arrangement and power supplies.






The Four Keys To A Custom Pedal Board


We work with musicians at all levels and we’ll tailor your board to suit your budget and need.

Lightweight for load in, tough for tour or basic for bedrooms, where you play your board is just as important as what you play.

We build only using tour grade materials with simplicity and solidity are at the core of every one of our products.

We at Custom Pedal Boards are musicians ourselves and we understand all of the challenges of lifting, loading and lugging that our rigs will face, whether it’s in the local dance hall or the Royal Albert Hall. 


A well organised board means well organised playing.

We will supply and advise on every function of your system whether it be ‘in line’ looper or other.

We work with all the major switcher manufacturers and can advise on the best loop solution that prevents that tap dance we all hate, looking to eliminate completely hum and noise by advising on pedal order, buffering, bypass and power supply.

A custom pedal board system is like a fully assembled amp; only by exacting detail to the components can you insure that the best quality of sound comes out of the system.


For those that play long sets, a board that’s not designed with your style in mind is a pain, quite literally.

Comfort is an important part of playing live and one others overlook. We can build to a minimum height of 20mm or can lift pedals to suit your playing habits and venue limitations.

We understand the need to get the right pedals in the right places, so you’re not reaching for your wah or tap dancing to unreachable parts of the board– whether it be a simple one stomp one pedal, or a programmable looper.

Above all, you want confidence in your product and comfort in your working environment and we’ll deliver that.


There’s no worse a feeling that a board going dead mid set and that horror moment that you look down to troubleshoot and think ‘where on earth do I start?”

We use the finest patches, best power supplies and high quality accessories to eliminate component failure.

The intuitive way our boards fit together, complete with the logic we apply to cable dressing, lead arrangement and pedal fixing means that even if something fails, it’s pretty easy to troubleshoot.

We stock an extensive range of solid connection interface boxes and will advise you on placement of these to eliminate cable or jack failure.

Custom Pedal Boards is based in North Wales.

Whatever your flight case or pedal board requirements please get in touch and find out what we can do for you!

+44 (0) 7741 40 94 43

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