Why Choose Our Custom Setup Service?

Early on in the life of Custom Pedal Boards, it became very apparent that the kind of people who needed a purpose made pedal board were also the kind of people who needed a meticulously crafted setup inside it!

It just so happens that designing and building the custom setups is our favourite activity at Custom Pedal Boards.

premium components

We have become experts in the process of custom setups with every last detail crafted to perfection. Every cable cut to length – neat and tidy, tidy and neat!

Made from the highest quality materials with experienced craftsmanship and pride in our work.

As part of the design process we can advise and source additional required pedals and accessories for your board from our suppliers.

Attention To Detail

While it goes without saying that the quality of our pedalboards is second to none, what really sets our service apart is the meticulous attention to detail.

We pride ourselves in designing the most efficient and effective board layout possible to ensure you only carry the size and weight you have to – no space, weight or materials are wasted – every board is designed, build and setup to be as light, reliable, durable and compact as possible.

…And Mr happy

Custom Pedal Boards have been making and setting up boards for a number of years now and have become very experienced in making sure you get the set up that’s right for you.

From a simple rewire of an existing pedal board to a complete set up from the ground up, we have all the manufacturing processes, materials, components, brands, experience, designs and know how, to make your perfect board!

Custom Setup Enquiry

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